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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC,                   99

middling - kind of house, with grand stables.
Messrs. Deane and Blake were there.

They say Sheridan is in love with and want-
ing to marry Pamela; but whether his red face
will charm her is, I think, doubtful, notwithstand-
ing his wit.

The news has arrived of the deposition of
Louis XVI.

October, 1792.

Harry has set out for Naples with Abb6 Camp-
bell. I envy him spending the winter in that
delicious climate and I fancy you do the same.
My sister Anne, the nun, has arrived from Montargis
with thirty-five other nuns. I have just seen them.
They are in excellent spirits and are very much
fete and kindly treated by everybody. They landed
at Brighthelmstone, where the Prince of Wales, as
well as Mrs. Fitzherbert, assisted them extremely.
They have the offer of two country-houses, and
they mean to establish themselves at one and take
pensioners. She hopes we will send our children
to hen She gave me a long account of their
escape and adventures.

Hussey told me a speech of one of the emigres.
He remarked how poor the English language was,
for that one word stood for three different things,